Dinner Time Premium

Dinner Time Premium was a Garry’s Mod server I ran. This project is what I used to develop my first web application from scratch using the MEAN stack. It features many typical web components such as a forum, user profiles, news, support tickets, feedback, notifications and more.

This application goes a step beyond typical web elements by connecting to the game server and creating in-game notifications using an addon I developed for Garry’s Mod. This feature allows you to be notified of someone replying to your forum post for example, and you will be notified in-game. It can also set a user’s rank to their in-game rank once the user signs in.

Another feature this application boasts is the ability for users to apply to become a moderator on the server. Once the user submits a form, admins will be notified, can review the application and approve or deny it through the system. The status of the user’s application is updated automatically and they can go to a page where they can see the current status or check notifications through the website.

While there were many more features I planned to add, this project was a lot of fun to make and I learned a ton through working on it!


Dinner Time Premium




Web Application, MEAN Stack