This project was very challenging in certain ways, but I definitely had fun building it. It’s primarily a blog with hundreds of posts, but also has some other programs and features involved, such as events. One fun thing about it that everyone seems to enjoy is the dark mode switch at the top of the header!

A particularly interesting feature of the site is the neighbourhoods map. This page uses the open source map framework called leaflet, as Google Maps would charge an insane amount of money to do any kind of drawing over their maps. Polygons are drawn over the map with an opaque brand colour in order to represent the different neighbourhoods in London. You can hover and click on any neighbourhood and get a popup with an excerpt and a link to a page on that neighbourhood containing more information about it.

While it’s a new project as of 2020, this website aims to be the BlogTO of London Ontario, a central place you can go to and find all kinds of information about London.






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