NG Tax

The new NG Tax website has been designed with goals in mind. Built to quickly give information to user’s and drive them to the contact page, where consultations can be set up and turn new leads into new clients. Since this site was created during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s crucial for people to know that this business is still open and taking new clients. Several areas on the site have been highlighted to let people know that NG Tax is a website they can visit to get reliable information on the current tax situation, as well as hire an accountant.


NG Tax




Web Application, WordPress



In the case of this website, the services and COVID-19 pages stood out as being the most important. Special care went into pointing people towards the services pages, and from there, the contact page. The idea is to give people a brief introduction of the company on the homepage, get them to the service they’re looking for, where they can read a bit more detail on how the client can help them, and finally point them to the contact page to setup a consultation. By gently guiding the user to the right place, suggesting where they should go, rather than shoving annoying popups or contact forms in their face, we don’t scare away potential clients and generate as many warm leads for the company as possible.

Consistency is key to any website to make sure it feels right across the board. Buttons, headings, body text, call to actions, etc. have all been made to be consistent across the board.

The content from the client’s previous site was well put together so I’ve re-used it but applied a fresh, modern look to allow people to get the information they’re looking for, in a format that’s easier to digest – nobody likes to read long paragraphs. The only exception to this is the COVID-19 pages, which are very information heavy; in this case, it’s best to not dress it up in fancy layouts, it also makes it easier to update as the pandemic goes on. I have to commend the client for the formatting done on those pages, it does a fantastic job of organizing the information and explaining it in a concise manner.


Based on my experience as a web developer, and what I’ve seen in the small business community, I’m confident this client will start generating more leads and their website will make them stand out from their competition for years to come. Overall I was extremely happy with the way this site turned out, and so was the client!